Dixon: VA Cemetery

In December of 2008 we stopped at the Sacremento Valley VA National Cemetery in Dixon to see what had changed since the ceremony the previous June.

Dad's headstone was up (section 14, #1762); the Daughters of the American Revolution had decorated all the headstones with Christmas wreaths.

Dad's Headstone in Full

Dad's headstone with the wreath moved away so you can see it better. The lighting is flat, so it's a little hard to see the inscription.

Dad's Headstone With Wreath

Dad's headstone with a wreath provided by the Sacramento Valley DAR.

Section 14

Another view of Section 14, where Dad's headstone stands. There were a number of religious symbols on the stones denoting affiliation: the Cross, Star of David, Celtic Cross, Greek Orthodox Cross, Crescent Moon, and blank.

New Construction

Some distance away there was construction going on; it looks like the permanent center.