Bottle Shock Premier

In August of 2008, almost a year after I'd been an extra in "Bottle Shock", the movie had come to town. The local casting company, American Eagles, put on a "premier" for the people that were extras in the flick, held at the local art theater, the Rialto, in Santa Rosa. It was complete with a red carpet, props used in the movie (Vespa motor scooters, French cars from 1976), and we extras. Some of us that had worn our own clothes in the shoot dressed up.

I wrote an account of being an extra for a day in that movie that you can check out: Bottle Shock Extra . Some of the extras in the gallery below are mentioned in the account.

Rialto Marquee

Bottle Shock is here!

Movie Poster

Proof positive; the poster!

Lori from American Eagles casting.

Lori and the American Eagle casting outfit organized this premier. Since the movie was shot in Sonoma County, it made sense to have "premiers" local to the area.

Getting Interviewed

My blip of fame - interviewed at the premier.

Driver and moi

One of the drivers; he owned a couple of the French 1970's cars seen in the film. We had a chance to chat at the Sonoma shoot between takes.

Farmer extra

A farmer extra; he was in a different shoot than the one I was in.

Pedestrian scene companion

She was with me in the Sonoma street scene where we greeted each other.


I met Seamus the Sonoma shoot. He has been in a number of movies - one of the extras with some acting cred.


One of the Vespas in the Sonoma shoot; it looks like a vintage machine.

Extra interview

One of the extras being interviewed. I don't know what part of the film he appeared in; now that it is coming out on DVD it shouldn't be too hard to spot him. Maybe in the bar scene?

Extra #2 interview

Another one of the extras being interviewed. Anyone spot him in a scene?